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Outlook 2010: Setup mailprogram
1) Choose "Files" / "Information" and click "Add account".

2) On the next page you should NOT use the form! Instead choose "Configure serversetup manually" and click "Next".

3) Choose "Internet e-mail" and click "Next".

4) Complete the form below:

Your Name: Your name, which will be used when sending emails
E-mail-address: Your email-address
Account type: POP3 is the default choice, but IMAP can be used if you want a copy of the email stored on the server.
Server for incoming mails: mail.[]
Server for outgoing mails(SMTP): mail.[]
Username: Your email-address
Password: The password you have chosen, when you created your email-address in the mail-administration of the controlpanel.

5) Click "More options..."

6) At the "Server for outgoing mails"-tab you must select "Server for outgoing mails (SMTP) requires authorisation"

7) At the "Advanced"-tab you should change "Server for outgoing mails (SMTP)" from 25 to 587.

8)Click "OK" and "Next" untill you are back in Outlook. Your email is now ready.