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Our websitebuilder works faster compared to many other similar products, as all corrections perish in-place (where they are). All functions for blog, gallery, calendar, etc. Works via Drag & Drop so you can add new elements at a fast pace. All media content in our Sitebuilder is Drag & Drop. All content on your website is optimized for the PC, mobile phone and tablet.
We offer you the most user-friendly and flexible websitebuilder, so you can quickly build a beautiful website.

"In-Place" Editing
Content: text, images and video is edited in-place.
Drag & Drop
Drag & drop content, layout and modules.
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websitebuilder interface

Whether you need a simple website, a great gallery or a professional blog, it's included in our templates. Our unique templates have a modern wide design suitable for any purpose.

Modern, user-friendly and flexible websitebuilder

Our websitebuilder has no restrictions on the number of pages, number of images and more. There is a top menu in several levels which is managed via Drag & Drop. It is possible to SEO optimize each page with individual page titles and meta tags. Further, there is a builtin-newsletter module for sending newsletters. With our websitebuilder you can play video and audio. You can have a blog, calendar, contact form, gallery, google maps, faq, facebook, instagram and more.
Behind that great interface hides a powerful platform of modules that provide all the functionality needed.


You can have multiple domains attached to the same account. More than 200 domaintypes available.


SEO optimization your homepage. This can be done on top level and specific on eache page with title, links and headings.


Whatever your needs are for presentation, images galleries we have it.


Image-carousel can create a dynamic homepage. We offer you multiple carousels to suit your needs.


Contact with the users of your website is very important. That is why we offer you a contactformular with optional freefields.


With a map you can show your customers, where your company is located. This module only needs your address.


Grow a community and share your blog with the world. With our blogging tools bring your content to life and support your unique voice. Start a blog today, your audience is waiting.


Do you have a piece of music of your own, which you want to share with the resto of the world. Insert a music-plugin.


A video creates dynamics in a homepage. Insert a video from Youtube or Vimeo directly on your homepage.


A FAQ gives the users of your homepage a quick answer to the most commen questions and can be used in multiple areas.


With a link-collection you can organize your content and make pagespecifik menus.


Do you have an upcoming event ? With an event-calendar you can show your users waht is going on in your company.


A guestbook gives your users a possibility to give you feedback, so you know what your users think.


Send a newsletter to your customers. We give you an interface to administrate your subscribers and to create an amazing newsletter.


You can integrate your facebook wall on your homepage. So when you update your facebook account, your homepage will be updated.


This module makes it possible to integrate your twitter-feed on your homepage.


This module integrates with your instagram account so you can show your photos.